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Counseling for Adolescents 


Adolescents face many challenges today.  School performance, academic acheivement, peer relationships, depression and anxiety, social media, and cyber bullying are just to name a few.  Adolescents require a special type of therapy, where they can form a relationship of trust with their therapist.  We offer a variety of different treatment modalities for teens including individual, family, and group therapy.


How do I know if my teen needs help?

Below is a list of possible signs your teen may benefit from professional help:

-My teen doesn't show interest in activities that they used to.

-My teen's academic performance has declined significantly.

-My teen is iritiable often, and has poor frustration tolerance.

-My teen's behavior indicate they may be abusing drugs.

-My teen is isolating, and not engaging in social acitivites.

-My teen is having sleeping problem and/or nightmares.

-My teen has had appetite changes.

-I think my teen might be harming themselves, they are always wearing long sleeve shirts even when it's hot out.

-My teen has stated that they wish they were dead, or it would be better if they "weren't around anymore".

-My teen consistently tells me I don't understand them and they can't talk to me.

-My teen has low self-esteem, and is very critical of themselves.

-My teen appears anxious and uneasy at times.



I'm a teen, how do I know if I need help?

-I think about hurting myself, or I am hurting myself.

-I am using drugs and/or alcohol.

-I have all these racing thoughts in my head I can't seem to stop.

-I feel so alone, I have no one to talk to.

-Someone is hurting me and I don't know what to do?

-I'm pregnant and I can't tell my parents, I need help!

-I have questions about my sexuality and/or sexual identity.

-I am starving myself, or making myself vomit.

-I am being bullied at school and I don't feel safe.

-I feel sad all the time.

-I get so angry sometimes I do and say things I later regret.

-I am having nightmares, or I'm having trouble sleeping.

-I feel tired all the time, I have no energy and I want to sleep all day.

-Sometimes my heart beats really fast, and I can't catch my breath, and I don't know why.

-I think I'm hearing voices and/or seeing things that aren't there.

-I would just like someone to talk to that won't judge me.



If you or your teen are experiencing any of these problems, it may be time to seek professional help.  

Don't delay, we can help you.








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