Individual Session

-Initial session $140

-45 minute session $115 

-60 minute session $140

Prepaid Package Discounts:

-3 x 45 minute sessions prepaid $300 (cancellation policy applies)- savings of $45

-3 x 60 minute session prepaid $360 (cancellation policy applies) -savings of $60


Couples Therapy/Family Therapy

-50 minute session $150

-90 minute session $200


Phone or Skype

-30 minute session $50

-60 minute session $120


E-mail sessions

-$40 per email session (1 email received and 1 response)



Individual Supervision $90

Group Supervision $30




Depending on the carrier and benefit plan, therapy MAY be covered or partially covered by insurance.  Generally, therapy must meet "medical necessity" for insurance to cover the cost.  The criteria for "medical necessity" is as follows:


Services by a provider to identify or treat an illness that has been diagnosed or suspected. The services are:

1. consistent with:

a. the diagnosis and treatment of a condition; and

b. the standards of good medical practice;

2. required for other than convenience; and

3. the most appropriate supply or level of service


In order for a claim to be submitted to an insurance company, certain identifying information must be release which may include name, date of birth, dates of service, type of service provided, and a medical diagnosis code.  Typically, family and couples therapy is only covered when one client has a mental illness, and the focus of therapy is on that illness.  Please verify your insurance information for specific deails about your plan.  Questions to ask your insurance carrier may include:

  • What are my mental health benefits?

  • What is my deductible and co-pay/co-insurance?

  • Is the provider an "In-network" or "Out-of-network" provider?

  • Is pre-authorization required?

  • Are there any limits to how many sessions I can have?

  • Does my insurance cover couples/family therapy?


Counseling Services
Clinical Supervision

Insurance Taken By Provider

Stacey Merrell, LMFT


-Aetna PPO/POS

-Beacon Health (formerly Value Options)


-Out of Network PPO


Ronena Summers, LMFT


-Beacon/CHIPA/LA Care

-Out-of-Network PPO




Jared Garcia, LCSW 

-Out of Network PPO





Christina Blancas, LMFT



-Out-of-Network PPO

-Cascade EAP

-E4Health EAP




Crystal Earwood, LMFT





Rosalia Linares, LMFT


-Out-of-Network PPO




Amy Graves, LMFT 

-Out of Network PPO





Chermel Williams, LMFT 

-Out of Network PPO





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