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Group Therapy


Groups provide a safe environment in which you can experiment

with new behaviors, improve communication skills, and receive

feedback from others with similar concerns and interests. 



What Are The Benefits of Group Therapy? 
  • Group members experience emotional support, empathic understanding, and authentic encouragement from one another.

  • Committed attendance is itself therapeutic, as members "show up" for themselves and for others.

  • Individuals increase self-confidence through revealing their interior lives.

  • Group therapy is instrumental in healing all emotional and psychological struggles people experience: depression, anxiety, anger, fear, shame, etc.

  • Participants learn to accept support from others.

  • Members feel less alone in the world through understanding other people's lives.

  • Understanding other people's problems, goals, and solutions helps members clarify their own.

  • Attending group gives purpose to members' lives; we develop a sense of responsibility to the group because our participation impacts other group members.

  • And, we can experiment with different roles and ways of being in group that inform, change, and take root in our lives.

  • Group therapy provides opportunities to transcend our life struggles, as we experience them, in the moment. 


Research has documented group therapy's power in helping people with many types of issues.


Adult DBT Distress Tolerance
Skills Group

Grief is Normal:

Understanding & Coping through the Grieving Process

Are emotions difficult to manage and problematic in your life? Gaining DBT Skills may be part of the solution. This group directly teaches Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Informed Skills for adults. The small group meets weekly for 8 sessions. The price is $325, prepaid. Price includes one phone screening, one 45 minute intake, coordinating care call with individual therapist, weekly group sessions, and binder with materials for participant to keep. The sessions will focus on developing Acceptance skills via practicing Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance Skills. Please contact Kim Shiles directly for more information,  (909) 376-5125.

  • Gaining better understanding of what grief & loss is

  • Learning the different stages of grief

  • Adjusting to the “new normal” without your loved one

  • Attaining strategies to assist in coping with grief & loss

  • Sharing experiences in the company of others who understand


*Pre-registration is required - Call Ronena at 310-927-5579

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