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Solution Focused Therapy



Solution Focused Therapy is future-based, goal oriented, and focuses                                                                             on identifying solutions, rather than on problems.  The idea is that                                                                             time is spent focusing on what might help solve the problem and                                                                                   find relief in the quickest amount of time possible, rather than                                                                                       focusing on the problem while suffering continues.  





SFT emphasizes clear, concise, realistic and collaborative goal setting. The SFT approach assumes that all clients have some knowledge of what would make their life better.  Problems do not occur ALL the time.  Even the most chronic problems have periods of time where the problem is not present, or at least not as intense.  By studying these times when problems are are less severe or absent, successes can be identified, strengthened, and activated to bring about change. Beacuse the client possesses these solutions and they have been present at some period of time, repeating these solutions are easier than learning whole new solution that might have worked for someone else.

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