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Elena Leyva, LPCC 3953

Through the course of my training and career, I have had the privilege of working with clients of all ages, genders, denominations, and ethnicities.

I am a bilingual, English and Spanish, licensed professional clinical counselor. I utilize a broad scope of treatment modalities to assist individuals, couples, and families in the healing process. I blend a holistic / bio / psycho / and social approach when assessing clients. My style is goal oriented while using diverse therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, emotionally focused therapy, client centered and mindfulness techniques to name a few. I also have training in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, also known as EMDR, to assist clients with trauma. I believe each individual carries a separate and unique blueprint. My goal is to assist in clients achieving their personal truth and finding balance. I believe that it is both liberating and empowering to help clients learn new skills and gain new insight while working with them to release old patterns that are no longer serving them.


I have experience working with various types of complicated relational issues, anxieties and behaviors. My experience expands into post traumatic stress disorder, various stress and depressive disorders, marriage and couples counseling, family therapy, parenting issues, panic disorders, various personality and mood disorders, obsessive disorders, grief, and domestic violence.


I have worked with persons of all ages from diverse ethnic, socio-economic, religious, and sexual orientations. I have facilitated various psycho-education groups in schools and community resource centers, in English and Spanish. My passion is to develop an authentic connection with my clients by providing hope through compassion and empathy, while maintaining therapeutic progress. My desire as a clinical therapist is to assist clients to work through life’s challenges while, realizing their true potential.

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