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Amanda Morales Jimenez, LCSW

(909) 670-2407

We are all hardwired for connection... 


And I am passionate about relationships. 


Whether it is working towards accepting yourself, or creating healthier interactions with friends, family, loved ones, or co-workers…I am eager to join you on your journey towards building stronger connections.  Personal growth, healing, and navigating difficult relationships are my areas of expertise.  I have experience working with trauma, loss and grief, and building attachments. My approach leads with compassion and acceptance, following the pace you are comfortable with, and supporting you in achieving your goals!

If you are seeking therapy, the fact that you are here means you are already on your way!  

Curious about the next step?  Contact me at (909) 670-2407 or via email at  We will touch base on what your needs are and I the process for getting started with your first appointment.